Loan despite time limit

For most banks, a permanent employment contract is an important prerequisite for granting a loan to a customer. So the banks want to minimize their risk of arrears. A loan despite a time limit is usually only given by banks if the time of the loan repayment falls within the term of the employment contract or only slightly exceeds it. Thus, the customer can be granted at least a small loan. It is not recommended to conceal a limitation. Many application forms do not ask if the employment relationship is permanent. At the latest if the earnings certificate is viewed during processing, the time limit will apply. This only leads to unpleasant difficulties.

A guarantor can help

The chances of getting a loan despite a time limit increase if the applicant can provide a guarantor. If this guarantor is creditworthy and is accepted by the bank, some banks also seek to approve loans with higher amounts and longer maturities. However, the guarantor must be aware of his responsibility. If it comes to payment defaults, he must take over the payment. In order for the bank to lend in such a case, however, all other details of self-disclosure must speak in favor of the customer.

There should be no entries in the private credit. Furthermore, no other loans, such as installment loans at mail order companies or the like may run. In addition, the relationship between income and expenditure must be such that the repayment of credit installments for a loan despite a time limit is easily possible. It is also very important that the probationary period is already over.

Offers should be compared

Even if you are happy to have found a bank that gives you a loan despite a fixed-term employment contract, it is advisable to ask the conditions of other banks and to compare the offers. These can differ considerably. The interest on a loan despite a time limit depends on the amount of the loan and the term. It is possible, for example, to get a loan of 15,000 euros with a maturity of 48 months at an effective interest rate of 8.49 percent. Only those who compare the offers of different banks can find the cheapest offer and save so much money.

Express loan with immediate payment – 24 hours to the credit

What exactly is an express loan with immediate payment?

What exactly is an express loan with immediate payment?

In the case of a normal installment loan, banks usually reserve extensive checks on the applicant’s creditworthiness, which can extend over several weeks. Among other things, this includes querying the data stored at private credit and requesting pay slips. Also, the review of collateral is part of the normal procedure before lending.

An instant loan express loan is basically a standard installment loan with a fixed installment and a pre-agreed term. The interest rates do not differ significantly from those of a installment loan. The biggest difference is that the bank is committed to speeding up your application. For this purpose, it makes use of the electronic means and enables the submission of documents by e-mail. An obligatory identity verification for the bank can also be done online.

The period from application to loan disbursement usually ranges from a few days to about a week for an express loan. Some providers also advertise with a transfer within 24 hours or the same working day. This short period of time is used by the bank to query your private creditscore and any negative features, but is not sufficient for a thorough review of all information.

The sums are usually heavily capped in an express loan. Since the bank exposes itself to an increased risk with the quick check, only smaller amounts than with a normal installment loan are paid out. These vary from a few hundred to several thousand euros, depending on the bank. The maximum loan amount also depends heavily on whether you want an express loan with immediate payment without private credit.

Reasons for an express loan

Reasons for an express loan

You get into a situation where you need more credit than you can think. For example, it could be an unforeseen defect in the car that forces you to buy a new car, or the long-awaited vacation offer for which you currently have no money left over. All situations in which it arrives on every single day count towards the area of ​​application of the express credit.

However, the express credit is rarely tied to a specific purpose. Of course, you can also replace old debts with excessive interest rates or a busy credit line. However, mentioning the intended use may in some cases lead to better interest rates.

Apply for an express loan

Apply for an express loan

The express credit is usually requested online or by telephone. Required documents are then either sent by post or sent by e-mail. Especially with an express loan with immediate payment, the latter variant is preferably used to eliminate all possibilities for external delays. All you have to do is fill out a form with your personal details and your income and expenses, and your credit will be checked by the bank.

Typically, credit checks on an express loan are based on set criteria that are set internally by the bank. This allows a very quick decision on the approval of the application, which is usually communicated to you within minutes. However, this standardized procedure excludes certain categories of persons from applying for an express credit.

Which conditions must be met?

Which conditions must be met?

As a general requirement, you will need to specify a residence in Germany for German banks and need a German account for the payment.

In addition, in most cases, an express loan requires a regular income from employment as an employee at a level determined by the bank. Additional income from freelance or self-employment can be considered positively, but not enough for a positive credit decision. Your own income can not be considered as security, because this can suddenly fail.

If you can not meet the required conditions yourself, the registration of a second borrower offers an alternative. For example, if your income is below the limit, you have the option to name a person who meets this criterion.

Requirements for payment within 24 hours

Requirements for payment within 24 hours

First of all, you should know that your identification is not carried out by Postident when applying for an express loan. You are identified by Video Ident as the person you impersonate. You’ll need a stable Internet connection, your ID card, a front-facing phone or a computer with a webcam and video calling software.

Furthermore, you need immediate access to your bank account, as banks usually require a current bank statement. In addition, depending on the bank, one to three payslips are required. If you can meet all of these requirements, you can receive an immediate payment loan, provided the bank supports this service.

What costs are incurred by an express credit?

What costs are incurred by an express credit?

Basically, the cost of the express loan is limited to the interest rate specified in the loan agreement. In the annual percentage rate, any incidental costs have to be taken into account so that you can compare several loans based on this interest rate. The collection of processing fees for personal loans is no longer allowed for some time.

Additional costs may arise through the use of special services. One of the more frequently chosen additional services on the part of the bank is a RSV, ie a residual debt insurance or installment insurance. It jumps in case of unemployment, incapacity for work or death and pays the installments for you. The insurance contribution is set off on the express loan and conveniently settled with the monthly installments.

Possible additional services of the bank around the express credit

Possible additional services of the bank around the express credit

You may make an unscheduled loan repayment on your part at any time, but this may be charged. The lender is entitled to claim 0.5% or 1% of the unscheduled amount as compensation. However, some lenders release a certain amount or even the entire amount.

Some banks offer the possibility of a grace-free start-up phase. This means that the first installment does not have to be paid directly the following month, but only after two or three months. This gives you a little air around your financial shortage. The interest for this period, however, accrue as usual and are added to the loan amount.

Is there an express loan without private credit with immediate payment?

Is there an express loan without private credit with immediate payment?

An express loan can be applied for up to a point without private credit. Here, however, two variants must be distinguished:

  • Express credit without private credit with immediate payment
  • Express credit with immediate payment despite private credit

Express credit with immediate payment despite private credit

Express credit with immediate payment despite private credit

In this form, your private credit is queried as usual, and then to make a decision based on the available data. The statement “despite private credit” states that you can still get a loan with slight negative features, which is then also registered as usual in the private credit. Serious features such as arrest warrants, unpaid foreclosures or sworn statements, however, are guaranteed to result in cancellation.

Express credit without private credit with immediate payment

Express credit without private credit with immediate payment

This variant, however, means that your private credit data is indeed queried, but the express credit is not registered. Some lenders offer this option, but many institutions do not. Especially foreign credit institutions rely on this method because they do not cooperate anyway with the private credit based in Germany.

Express credit providers in comparison

Express credit providers in comparison

The provider Financialor offers a maximum loan amount of 5,000 EUR, with new customers receiving a maximum of 500 EUR. The terms can be chosen between 7 and 180 days. About slight entries in the private credit sees the provider and an express credit withdrawal on the same day is also offered.

With Creditapore you can receive up to 600 EUR as first customer, afterwards up to 1500 Euro. An optional express payment within 24 hours is offered. The amount can either be repaid in one piece after 30 days or in two installments. A good credit rating is required, which means that you will not receive an express credit here if you have negative entries in your private credit.

The provider Moneypresso offers an FastCrediter, which behaves more like a Scheduled Loan. The amount can be varied up to 1,500 EUR and will be repaid in monthly installments of at least 3% of the outstanding balance. Access is possible directly after registration, provided the exam is positive. If you have negative features, you can expect a cancellation at Moneypresso.

At Zaloan, you receive sums of up to € 600, which you can repay after 15 days, 30 days or in two monthly installments of 30 days each. An express payment can be booked optionally. A private credit entry is not a fundamental obstacle as each application is assessed separately.

Creditend has launched Crediter to enable even faster credit decisions and payouts. This works within a few minutes as the decision is taken fully automatically. This express loan offers a particularly large cash reserve with a sum of between 1,000 and 5,000 euros and can be repaid in up to 36 monthly installments. Negative private credit features are not a big problem here.

The couch credit of Intrasavings bank is also an extremely fast available cash reserve. With a sum between 1000 EUR and 5,000 EUR and maturities between 12 and 60 months, he is the ordinary installment credit in little thing, but can be paid immediately. However, the provider does not make general statements on the impact of existing private credit entries.

At Creditclick, sums of up to EUR 5,000 are also possible. The loan is requested through a special app and can be repaid in up to 72 monthly installments. This express credit is characterized by the particularly clear app, about which everything is handled quickly and easily.

The Hypercredit offers with the direct money a small cash reserve between 100 and 3000 euros. This amount is not limited to new customers and you can then repay it in two to six installments. An express option for immediate withdrawal also exists and can be booked. Unfortunately, negative private credit entries will unfortunately bring you a cancellation.


The express credit is clearly on the rise. Digital communication with banks is taking ever larger parts of this business and setting new standards. This applies not only to the speed but also to the flexibility of the banks. The fact is that an express loan with immediate payment today can already be concluded on similar terms as a normal installment loan. The times of fast but expensive money seem to be coming to an end. Take advantage of this opportunity and apply for your express loan with one of the mentioned providers!

What is considered a reasonable interest rate for a syndicated loan?

A 2010 survey of syndicated loans found an average interest rate of 7.9%. However, most syndicated loans are variable interest rate loans that are periodically reset to a specified spread above a base rate, usually the prime rate or the Bankil rate, although other basic options with a fixed rate can be used. The size of the spread above the specified base rate depends on the size and risk level of the loan. Typical spreads above a basic rate range from 3 to 7%. In many syndicated loan agreements, the borrower can lock a given interest rate for a maximum of one year.

In addition to paying interest on the loan, the borrower is also subject to fees, including a prepayment, a usage fee when using a revolving credit account above or below a certain level, and an annual administrative fee paid to the arranger.

Syndicated loans

Syndicated loans

A syndicated loan is a source of financing provided by a group of lenders, a syndicate. Syndicated loans are usually structured, arranged and managed by one or more commercial or investment banks, known as lead arrangers.

Syndicate loans enable companies to raise very large amounts of capital if the risk is considered too high for a lender to fully accept the loan. The syndicated loan market expanded for the first time in the United States with large leveraged buyout loans in the mid-1980s and in Europe in 1999 with the introduction of the euro.

The basic idea is that arrangers play the investment banking role of attracting investor money for an issuer seeking capital. The publisher pays the processor a fee for the service, a fee that increases as the complexity of the loan and risk factors increase. The most advantageous loans are loans that are provided to lenders.

Loan despite maternity protection

The fact that many mothers leave the labor market after their birth or only work part-time often prevents banks from granting loans. This represents a risk to loan repayment for credit companies. Nevertheless, there is the possibility now to obtain a loan despite maternity protection.

Anyone who can prove that taking up work after the statutory maternity protection is resumed immediately, it has easier. Here are the proofs of current and previous earnings certificates and proof of starting work after childbirth.

If the expectant mother has sufficient collateral, the credit is also in the way. Collateral would be investments, real estate or cars. These securities can be borrowed in the amount of their value. If you do not have it, guarantors offer an alternative. Thus, even if necessary, a larger loan amount can be approved if a guarantor is liable in the event of non-repayment of the loan debt with his capital.

Negative notes in the private credit reduce the creditworthiness without guarantor. Small loans from online banks, which offer loans without private credit information, continue to help here. The interest rates are higher, but the monthly installments can be adjusted to the personal financial situation. Here is an online comparison to obtain information about which lender offers the best conditions.

Banks for the loan despite maternity protection

In general, all banks, savings banks and online banks offer loans despite maternity protection, provided the creditworthiness corresponds to the desired credit line. If there are negative private credit entries, no early work is proven, the financial situation of the loan applicant can not provide any collateral and no guarantor is available, then one must resort to offers from online banks.

Without private credit query, they offer online loans and instant loans, which are granted with a variable term up to ten years. The longer the term, the lower the monthly burden on the borrower. But the interest accrues accordingly over the long period and make the loan much more expensive than short-term loans.

Small loans include sums of up to € 5,000, which should be redeemed at branch banks mostly within one or two years. Online banks often offer a longer period of time with interest rates of less than three to 16 percent, depending on the term.

What is Loan Consolidation – Consolidation Loan

Credit consolidation takes place when you use a larger loan to repay many small loans. There are many different types of loan consolidation. Consolidation of loans can be dangerous because many people will use it to pay off their credit cards and then even more debt in a few years. It is important to understand how credit consolidation affects different types of loans and affects the current situation of students. And what about the consolidation of student loans?

The consolidation of student loans is a common form of loan consolidation. This is beneficial because you block the lower interest rate on the student loan. You also have the option to extend the loan period, which reduces monthly payments. When you do this, it is important to realize that this will increase the amount of interest you pay because you will pay back the loan longer. However, it pays to expect possible payments and you can increase your payments as revenue increases. If you decide to consolidate federal student loans, you put them into a Federal Direct loan to qualify for student debt reduction programs.

Can I consolidate other types of loans?

Can I consolidate other types of loans?

You can consolidate your credit cards, car loans or credits for signature. All you have to do is collect a larger loan and use that money to settle the other debts.

Many banks specialize in consolidation loans, and loan offers can be obtained as part of an offer offering consolidation loans at low interest rates. If you receive them, read the small print and look for reviews online, because many interest rates are areas and you may not take advantage of the loan.

What should I look for when consolidating loans?

What should I look for when consolidating loans?

First of all, it is important to never consider the consolidation of loans, which involves taking out unsecured debts, such as credit cards and loans for registration, and transferring them to secured debt. Someone who does this can pay off mortgage loans at home or a second mortgage. It threatens the house if for some reason they can not pay these bills.

What are the advantages of consolidating loans?

What are the advantages of consolidating loans?

Many people are considering consolidating a loan because they can block loans at a lower interest rate and grant them a fixed payment. It is important to consider how much the interest rate is lower and whether it is a constant rate before taking this step. If it is, it can be a good choice if you stop using credit cards and change your habits so that you do not get into debt. You must choose a good consolidation loan with fixed terms and a fixed interest rate.

What risk is associated with loan consolidation?

What risk is associated with loan consolidation?

Credit consolidation often releases a small additional income and cleans the loan from your credit card. This does not mean, however, that it is a good idea to continue spending money at the same rate as before consolidation.

People who do this will have to recover credit cards and then pay back the consolidation loan. Before taking this step, it is important to think carefully about your financial behavior.

Will the loan consolidation solve my debt problems?

Will the loan consolidation solve my debt problems?

The consolidation of loans does not solve the problems they caused in the first place. It is important to solve these problems and stick to the budget to change your financial situation. Consolidating loans will not solve your financial problems or get rid of debts, although it may lower your monthly payments. You must face real problems related to your spending habits in order to achieve financial progress. The first step is to come up with a budget so that you can stop spending too much and achieve your financial goals.

Consolidation of Payday Loans – Conversion of a Few Payday Loans into One

Currently, there are few companies that would enable consolidation of payday loans. One of such proposals is the Casharp consolidation loan.

The topic of payday consolidation is a topic quite often raised on industry forums or blogs. As it turns out, many people have a problem with repayment of their obligations in the form of payday loans. Banks in such a situation can rarely and want to help. So how to solve the problem of unpaid debts?

The best solution in such a situation would be a consolidation loan in one of the banks. The problem is, however, that such a loan can be used to repay only bank liabilities. We can not incur him to repay payday loans. Well, unless we have a positive credit history in BIK and good creditworthiness, then we can simply reach for a cash loan for any purpose in the bank. And with his help, pay off your payday. Anyway, I had the opportunity to present similar ideas for consolidation of payday loans as part of my article entitled Loan or Loan to pay off payday loans.

Consolidation of payday loans – combining several payday loans into one whole


Until now, there was no typical non-banking product that could be used to repay all short-time payments. Until now… Casharp, a company that has specialized in providing weekly loans, has introduced a consolidation loan. A loan thanks to which it is possible to consolidate payday loans. The offer may be of interest to those who have several unpaid payday loans, as well as those who have much more. Through Ekass, we can borrow from 2,000 to 25,000 PLN with a repayment period of up to 12 months. A consolidation loan may be used only to pay off loans in loan companies.

Who can get a loan through Casharp? The main condition for obtaining a loan is to have 18 years of age and a valid ID card. To obtain a loan, it is necessary to have a bank account and make a verification transfer in the amount of PLN 1. After positive verification, this fee is returned to the borrower’s account. You may also need information about the date of our employment contract to obtain a loan.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find out more about the costs of the consolidation loan, which is available in the Casharp offer. I suspect that these are presented individually, after receiving a loan application. However, based on what was given to me to see through the calculator available on the company’s website, we probably do not have to count on low costs. Reaching such a loan, unfortunately, we must face high costs that may even exceed the amount of the loan. If we want a non-bank solution, a cheaper loan with which I wrote not so long ago may be a much cheaper solution. Of course, provided that we find a person who will meet the conditions set by the lender.


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