Consolidation of Payday Loans – Conversion of a Few Payday Loans into One

Consolidation of Payday Loans – Conversion of a Few Payday Loans into One

Currently, there are few companies that would enable consolidation of payday loans. One of such proposals is the Casharp consolidation loan.

The topic of payday consolidation is a topic quite often raised on industry forums or blogs. As it turns out, many people have a problem with repayment of their obligations in the form of payday loans. Banks in such a situation can rarely and want to help. So how to solve the problem of unpaid debts?

The best solution in such a situation would be a consolidation loan in one of the banks. The problem is, however, that such a loan can be used to repay only bank liabilities. We can not incur him to repay payday loans. Well, unless we have a positive credit history in BIK and good creditworthiness, then we can simply reach for a cash loan for any purpose in the bank. And with his help, pay off your payday. Anyway, I had the opportunity to present similar ideas for consolidation of payday loans as part of my article entitled Loan or Loan to pay off payday loans.

Consolidation of payday loans – combining several payday loans into one whole


Until now, there was no typical non-banking product that could be used to repay all short-time payments. Until now… Casharp, a company that has specialized in providing weekly loans, has introduced a consolidation loan. A loan thanks to which it is possible to consolidate payday loans. The offer may be of interest to those who have several unpaid payday loans, as well as those who have much more. Through Ekass, we can borrow from 2,000 to 25,000 PLN with a repayment period of up to 12 months. A consolidation loan may be used only to pay off loans in loan companies.

Who can get a loan through Casharp? The main condition for obtaining a loan is to have 18 years of age and a valid ID card. To obtain a loan, it is necessary to have a bank account and make a verification transfer in the amount of PLN 1. After positive verification, this fee is returned to the borrower’s account. You may also need information about the date of our employment contract to obtain a loan.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find out more about the costs of the consolidation loan, which is available in the Casharp offer. I suspect that these are presented individually, after receiving a loan application. However, based on what was given to me to see through the calculator available on the company’s website, we probably do not have to count on low costs. Reaching such a loan, unfortunately, we must face high costs that may even exceed the amount of the loan. If we want a non-bank solution, a cheaper loan with which I wrote not so long ago may be a much cheaper solution. Of course, provided that we find a person who will meet the conditions set by the lender.