Loan despite maternity protection

Loan despite maternity protection

The fact that many mothers leave the labor market after their birth or only work part-time often prevents banks from granting loans. This represents a risk to loan repayment for credit companies. Nevertheless, there is the possibility now to obtain a loan despite maternity protection.

Anyone who can prove that taking up work after the statutory maternity protection is resumed immediately, it has easier. Here are the proofs of current and previous earnings certificates and proof of starting work after childbirth.

If the expectant mother has sufficient collateral, the credit is also in the way. Collateral would be investments, real estate or cars. These securities can be borrowed in the amount of their value. If you do not have it, guarantors offer an alternative. Thus, even if necessary, a larger loan amount can be approved if a guarantor is liable in the event of non-repayment of the loan debt with his capital.

Negative notes in the private credit reduce the creditworthiness without guarantor. Small loans from online banks, which offer loans without private credit information, continue to help here. The interest rates are higher, but the monthly installments can be adjusted to the personal financial situation. Here is an online comparison to obtain information about which lender offers the best conditions.

Banks for the loan despite maternity protection

In general, all banks, savings banks and online banks offer loans despite maternity protection, provided the creditworthiness corresponds to the desired credit line. If there are negative private credit entries, no early work is proven, the financial situation of the loan applicant can not provide any collateral and no guarantor is available, then one must resort to offers from online banks.

Without private credit query, they offer online loans and instant loans, which are granted with a variable term up to ten years. The longer the term, the lower the monthly burden on the borrower. But the interest accrues accordingly over the long period and make the loan much more expensive than short-term loans.

Small loans include sums of up to € 5,000, which should be redeemed at branch banks mostly within one or two years. Online banks often offer a longer period of time with interest rates of less than three to 16 percent, depending on the term.